How Basketball Helps Me Stay In Touch With My Friends

basketball with friendsI used to play allot of basketball when I lived in the United States, and personally I think I was very good at it. I am pretty tall for a Vietnamese, or at least that’s what I am told, and every weekend me and my friends would go and play a quick pick up game or just shoot around and catch up on our week. It was one my favorite activities to look forward to.

So when I moved back to Ha Noi (my favorite place in Vietnam) I wanted some sense of continuity. One of the first things I did was to start playing basketball with my co-workers, who later on became my best friends.

My Favorite 5 Places To Visit In Vietnam

Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay

I love to travel, and even though must of my trips are to the United States, I frequently get a chance to visit Europe and neighboring Asian counties mainly because of their close proximity to Vietnam, and other times because of work related conferences. Yes, even High School teachers get to travel for work!

However, sometimes the best place to travel to is just under your nose. So here I made a mini list of my top favorite places for tourists and locals that never truly explored Vietnam.

How To Increase You Passive Income As A High School Teacher

make money with online teachingI am so excited! Next week I am finally going back to Los Angeles to visit my friends and relatives. Its been quite a while since my last visit as I took on more responsibilities at the High School I teach at, so I didn’t get a chance to take my vacation this past two years. But, now I get to combine my days off and get an extended vacation.

I think this is better since its such a long flight anyway and I would rather have an extended downtime to really relax and not rush my stay while I am in Los Angeles. This trip, however, is going to be a bit more than just the usually fun and play with friends and family, I am going to research on how to make additional income online as a High School English teacher.

Travel Vietnam for Free, Work in the Trucking Industry

If you are the type of person who loves to travel, you can travel Vietnam for free, work in the trucking industry, as well as other regions of the world, all while working in a position you are going to enjoy. If you enjoy driving, and if you enjoy being on the road, you are not only going to be able to do both, but there are also many trucking companies that will help you to reach different places in the world that you do want to visit over time.

Work with international companies

If you are looking to travel as a truck driver, you have to work with an international company. Not only are these companies going to be able to help you visit different places in the world, you are going to be able to drive working in different areas of the world you never knew you would be able to visit.

Find companies that work globally

Even if you do not work for a company that delivers globally, if you are a third party contractor, you are still going to be able to travel to different regions of the world. In many cases, if you are a contractor, you are going to be able to visit different regions of the world. You will work for different jobs, and will do deliveries as they are needed, so you are going to be able to visit a variety of places, depending on what your employer is looking for.

Get the right license

In addition to the ID you are going to need, along with your passports, you will also have to look for the right Class CDL license, in order to be able to do work in different areas of the world. Like traveling by plane, you are going to be required to have a passport or other documentation in order for you to be able to drive to different areas of the world. So, you will have to take the time to get the right licenses, in order to ensure you are going to be able to work in the position, will be able to drive the trucks, and are also going to be able to complete the deliveries that you are going to be doing for the companies that you work for.

Not only will you be able to visit different regions of the world as a truck driver, you are also going to be able to work with many different companies as well. You are going to be able to perform deliveries, and transport, when you are working in this field. You will not only travel to different regions of the US, and the many states you want to visit, but you are going to be able to visit different areas of the world as well, when you are working with larger companies, and the bigger trucking companies, that do work internationally. The first step is to get the right license , in order to work in the field.

The Importance Of Promoting A Savings Habit In School Children

As a teacher I care deeply about the welfare of children in my care. I consider my role as a teacher to be one that is wider than simply passing on knowledge of the particular subject. As a teacher I have a responsibility to educate my students to the best of my ability in as many areas as I possibly can.

One area that significantly concerns me nowadays is promoting an understanding of the importance of responsible financial management when a student grows up. And I believe that financial common sense is something that should be taught to students when they are very young.

When I look around me and observe the financial habits of so many adults in America I am horrified. A neighbour of mine is a good example.

Despite the fact that he is gainfully employed he and his family live from pay check to pay check. They have no savings and they have enormous debt. They have borrowed money on a mortgage, they have personal loans, they have a number of credit cards and they have even recently been forced into a small installment loan from Bad credit is also an issue for this family.

Attitudes such as these are destructive to the financial well-being of adults, and we need to teach our children the importance of learning responsible financial habits.

In my view one of the most important lessons we can teach our children is the importance of understanding how to save money, as well as the importance of saving money.

We seem to live in a debt addicted society nowadays. Everyone is a consumer and everyone wants to consume more than they earn. There seems to be an attitude that if we cannot afford something now we merely have to flip out the credit card and buy it anyway, because we will be able to pay for it later.

For the vast majority of Americans borrowing money is a way of life. In fact it’s not just individual Americans but it seems to be our government as well. The government seems to assume that every problem can be solved by either borrowing money or printing money.

However there are serious risks in these sorts of attitudes. As far as the individual is concerned borrowing money can lead to severe financial consequences. The number of people in our society who are poor, destitute, homeless and/or bankrupt is increasing dramatically, and there are now more people in our society living on food stamps than ever before in history.

Living on borrowed money is simply taking yourself to the edge of financial risk.

However the same applies to our government as it does to individuals. If the government lives on borrowed money that it is taking the country to the edge of financial risk. One calamity and our finances collapse. Look at what happened in 2008 in the global financial crisis.

I believe attitudes to financial responsibility can be learned, and this should be taught in our schools to young children. There is absolutely no reason why we cannot include simple lessons in financial responsibility in the classes of our young students, and one of the first way is to do this is to teach them the importance of saving money.

Saving money is essential to financial responsibility. Any family with savings has a financial buffer available to them to tide them through bad times. Any family without savings, and with significant debt, is right on the edge of financial calamity and bad times.

And of course our politicians are just people like everyone else, and if they are taught, when they are young, the importance of financial responsibility then hopefully this will carry through into their attitudes about finance when they get into government.

Cash for Gold Stores is a business like any other

As you travel around the major cities of the world, or maybe when going to your place of work or the grocery store, you might have likely taken note of signs along major highways asking you to sell your gold jewelry so you can get money for the gold. This business has become so competitive that the notices are increasingly found on public notices and they have even gone online. Online advertising has become a very competitive space for Cash for Gold stores. This method of increasing profit through buying gold and related jewelry has become fashionable among many businesses. Many jewelry companies are turning to this method of profit in order to make some extra money.

A good number of people believe that the gold stores are not genuine. They hold strongly hold in their minds that the owners and operators of such gold jewelry dealings are just out to make some money from people with financial problems. That the money they give after selling to them gold jewelry is less than what actually the gold costs in the market. Some of these allegations might as well be true, but one should have in mind the point that since every business owner is out to profit themselves, that’s why they make some products prices higher and even anything related to them. For example, if the value of gold is let’s approximate $1300/ounce; it would not be very wise business speaking for cash for gold store to buy it from the same amount for an ounce. Remember they have expenses in their business to take care of, this includes salary payment to employees who work in their businesses, and all the expenses that involves collection and melting of jewelry to get the gold. There can be alot of overhead when operating a business especially a brick and mortar building. If you think that the cash for gold stores are really taking your jewelry for less than you desire, definitely don’t bother visiting them. You always have the option of shopping around for the best quote. Most stores will give you a no obligation quote for your extra gold or silver.

Other folk’s holds a strong believe that these cash for gold stores are a good way for muggers to get rid of their unlawfully acquired gold jewelry speedily. Well it might be true for a few of these stores, but it’s not fair to group them all under this practice. Unlike most of these stores, a pawn shop will most likely ask for identification papers (in most cases a driving license). But in reality, is it possible to find back a melted jewelry in the right form.

No matter what your thoughts on cash for gold stores are, if you are in need of extra cash, then you can be sure to get it on the spot at one of these stores. This will not be the market value, but quick cash will be there for you. Imagine a situation where you have a 14 carat gold watch and you suddenly lose your source of income, with bills to pay, where else will you get instant cash to cover your expenses? You would need to visit the cash for gold store and get the money that you need.

The Down Side of the East

I love the East, as you’ve probably gathered by now. And no one can deny that the rise of the East in technology, development and manufacturing is one of the most driving economic factors at play in the world today. But there is a downside to the raging dragon that is Eastern economics.

Great growth is next to impossible without sacrifices. As workplace safety and more has risen in importance, in fact, it has in turn created the environment in the West that’s made it so easy for the East to shine. There’s a trade off in speed of development and manufacturing with the more basic protocols of quality control and similar fields. Sometimes the speed and ingenuity that bought the East to the fore of these growing industries can let them down too.

Vietnam, alas, is not immune to the occasional lapses in safe practice – and common sense – that can sometimes tarnish the opinions of the safety conscious West. You only have to look at this news article for a classic example. While anyone will be happy to compliment the quick responses of the government powers in stepping in to ban the so-called ‘wonder’ slimming substance as soon as the negative side effects became obvious, you also have to wonder exactly how someone fell asleep on the job long enough to sign off as safe and not-containing a substance it clearly contains.

Of course, the whole slimming industry is a little like that. Who, after all, doesn’t want a quick fix? We all know a good diet and steady exercise would be the best option, but we’re still lured by the latest pill or tablet that promises fast and effortless results. And sometimes, it doesn’t work out, whether it’s simply a pointless product or whether, like the Lishou capsule, it carries actual side effects.

Crash diets suffer the most from this. Designed to result in super fast weight loss for short periods, they’re often either poorly put together so as to set the body up for failure, or they’re misused by people trying to achieve longer term weight loss who don’t understand they’re not designed for that, or they’re plain stupid. I’ve only ever seen one with any real results behind it- the HCG diet, which takes care to work around the inherent hardness of eating below-normal calorie amounts, even for a short period, by using a natural hormone to help prevent that crushing hunger that sabotages minimal calorie diets. The HCG injection kit looks rather intimidating. Although, it’s supposed to be simple to use, but the simple to use HCG pellets certainly seems easier.

I guess, however, there’s more to admire in how few slip-ups there are in the hungry beast that is the East then the ones that do occur. While product recalls can be worrying, when you consider the huge amount of products churning relentlessly day after day out of factories all through Asia it’s amazing that there aren’t more.

It will be interesting to see where and how far the rise of eastern industry takes us all into the future, for certain.

How to Get Fit at Work

Staying in shape is an important part of life because we all want to function and be at our best. Living a healthy lifestyle also helps us to look attractive and to keep our weight under control. When people have to spend so much time working and taking care of their family, they have very little time to exercise. As a matter of fact, the demands of work and home can keep many people from working out on a regular basis.

Making money is essential for survival. So no one should quit working their day job just so they can exercise. However, they should be willing to include an exercise routine as a part of their daily habits. They should develop an exercise routine that does not last for more than a hour and is able to keep their body in good physical condition.

Before any person can engage in an exercise routine they must first know how to eat the proper diet. A person’s diet plays an a huge role with their overall well being. All people must consume a well balanced diet that contains the proper nutrients otherwise they will suffer bad health. Also, if a person eats a bad diet loaded with fat, calories, cholesterol and salt; then exercising will not make that much of a difference with them getting into shape.

The best foods to eat are fruits and vegetables. Both of these food groups contain no cholesterol, have very little fat, are low in calories and nearly all of them do not contain any type of salt. People are strongly encouraged to eat at least 4 servings of fruits or vegetables a day.

Grains such as oats and brown rice are low in fat and great for maintaining a healthy weight. These foods provide excellent nutrition and they are great for adding fiber to a person’s diet. People can eat meat and diary products but they should do so in moderation. A person’s diet should be limited to no more than one 4 to 5 ounce serving of meat or dairy product on a daily basis.

Eating food items such as cakes, pies, cookies and ice cream should also be limited if a person is serious about staying in shape. Again, a person can eat processed food as long as they do it in moderation. Having a candy bar or eating a piece of chocolate once a week is not going to ruin your body and give you poor health. You should not go to the extreme by restricting all processed or snack foods from your diet. Just eat these items on a limited basis.

Once a person develops good eating habits they will then be ready to exercise. Since a lot of people are so busy between work and dealing with their family, the best place for them to work out is inside of their home. They can use a treadmill to walk or run in place after they are finished dealing with their children. They can also lift weights in the home as well. Sometimes people can use a P90X workout schedule which is a professionally developed workout routine. P90X is not an easy workout program, but it gives great results, so i encourage you to learn more about it and it’s workout schedule with calendar at this website.

Everyone is strongly encouraged to create a cardiovascular and/or weightlifting routine that can be used at least 3 times a week. If a person does not like to run or lift weights they could also dance or perform chores or activities that causes them to burn calories. The main thing that people should do is be willing to get up and move around in order to burn off calories and to keep off fat.

An at home exercise program does not have to be boring or restrictive. You can even utilize pull up bars to make your workout routine more exciting and compelling. People just have to use their imaginations to create different routines that will produce good results. Ultimately, if you want to get in shape and stay that way you must eat a healthy diet and you work out on a regular basis.

How People Can Save Money On Dental Implants

People look for many ways to save money on different procedures that they might require. This is especially the case for dental procedures. Dental implants can particularly be expensive to some in that they might cost thousands of dollars to get.

As great as dental implants can be, it is important to think about what one can do in order to save money on such implants. These are great ideas that you can use as a means of keeping yourself from blowing more money than what you might be willing to spend at a given time. Dental implants can really be helpful but you have to be careful when using them so you’ll have actual implants that you can enjoy having for a quality smile.

Dental Implants Diagram

Consider the Materials

The materials that are used for getting such implants are worth exploring. Dental implants like what you will see at Dental Implants Hub can be made with resin compounds that might be less expensive than traditional ceramic materials.

Either way, you might find that most of these compounds will be less expensive than gold fillings. It is not as though you will be adding any precious metals into your brilliant smile when you add dental implants into the mix.

Check Your Insurance

If you have dental insurance then you might have coverage for this process. Not all dental insurance companies will cover the costs associated with dental implants but it is worth exploring just to be sure.

If you don’t already have this form of insurance then you should at least go after this option. If you want to get dental insurance then you can always compare options to see what they will cover. The odds are you will save a great deal of money on any dental services you might require when you get dental implants.

Go To Other Countries

You might find that you will spend less money on dental implants if you go into other countries. Places like Spain and Mexico have been popular for offering cheap dental care and it could really be attractive for all to explore. Of course, you have to be near a border to use this but you might save about half the cost of an implant if you go to a different country.

Check Your Government Benefits

If you are an older person then you might get some benefits from the government. You might find that government benefits might cover some of the charges associated with your dental implants. If you take a careful look at the terms associated with what benefits you qualify for then you might end up saving a good deal of money on whatever it is you are trying to acquire.

You should be aware of the many things that are open when finding different dental implants. If you watch for what you can get then you might find that dental implants will be very easy and beneficial for your life. These implants can be expensive but you should still think about what might be open in any case that you might have.

How to Find a Truck Driving Job as an Ex-pat in Vietnam

Coming home from war, and overseas battles presents a number of problems for ex-pats; one such problem is that of finding a job when you come home. But, there are resources out there, service centers, and job agencies that you can turn to, when you want to find out how to find a truck driving job as an ex-pat in Vietnam. Due to the fact that there are many trucking careers, you can find one that is specifically tailored to those who have served, and are looking for new careers and work when they return.

Online boards

There are dozens of online sites that are dedicated to trucking jobs, and ex-pats which include, and In addition to these, there are also other sites where you can visit, to search for jobs. Online ex-pat sites, job boards, and US government based sites, are all places you can go when searching for a job. These sites not only have jobs that are dedicated to ex-pats, but also have industry specific careers, in the trucking industry, for those who are looking to drive a specific type of truck on the road. Depending on your state, and what type of trucking job you are looking for, there are many online resources that you can search through.

Local offices

Local government offices are also set up to help you find jobs as an ex-pat. Depending on where you live, you are likely to find job agencies, government agencies, and other local offices, that are dedicated to finding you a job. Local trucking schools also offer special positions to those who have come home, and are looking for a trucking job that is local, or does not require as much on road travel, for those who want to stay at home with their families now that they are back.

Online (general) job boards

Like the sites that are dedicated to ex-pats and trucking jobs, there are also general job boards. Although they do not provide jobs for ex-pats, they do have general trucking jobs you can search through. And, upon going in for an interview, or submitting an application, you will be able to inform them of your status, and many companies are likely to give you a special privilege or offer you a certain position, as you are a former vet, and have served for the country for many years prior to returning home.

Many online sites are specifically tailored to vets; although not all offer the type of trucking job you are looking for, you can find dozens of sites to visit, and compare the different job openings that are currently available. NO matter what type of trucking job you are looking for, or what type of work you plan on doing, there are many companies that do provide special options and jobs to vets, and offer different local driving jobs for those who are interested in staying close to home, and driving fewer hours on a weekly basis in this positions. Visit to learn more tips about trucking and truck driving jobs.

Flying Home to Vietnam During the Great Recession

I have lived in the United States for many years. In fact, I have already managed to establish my life here. This is where I met my wife, where my kids were born, and where I bought my first house. I have also made a lot of friends. Despite this, I still miss Vietnam very much. After all, my parents, siblings, other family members, and childhood friends are still there. Also, it's where I grew up and the only place I call home.

Unfortunately, being a public school teacher does not give me the luxury of being able to fly home anytime I want. As you may already know, the salary of public school teachers is only within the mid-range bracket. Needless to say, I only make enough to pay the mortgage on our house, my car, send the kids to school, cover day to day expenses, and set aside a little bit for savings. However, my wife and I still make it a point to somehow put some money aside for what we call our "Vietnam Fund".

When the Great Recession happened, I had a great deal of trouble managing my finances. No, I didn't lose my job but my salary was cut back significantly that I couldn't pay most of the bills. My wife lost her job so I was the only one in the family making money at the time. Of course, my credit rating suffered greatly.

If that wasn't enough, I got news that my father suffered a stroke and had to be admitted in a hospital. I was scared and heartbroken because during this time, it was impossible for us to travel to Vietnam due to financial constraints. Unlike in Australia where they offer cash loans for people on Centrelink in case of emergencies, people in the US do not have this option.  Still, I did everything I could to find money to finance a trip to Vietnam so I could visit my father. That was when I stumbled upon a website about bad credit personal loans.

It was a long shot but it was my only hope so I gave it a go. I applied and got approved within a couple of days. Yes, the interest rates were high but it was a price I was willing to pay because it may be the last time I get see my father alive. I decided to not take my family with me on this trip because we just couldn't afford it. I only used up less than half of what I got from my loan and asked my wife to take care of some our bills with the remaining money.

Fast forward to today, I have already managed to repay that loan. Additionally, my credit rating has reached an acceptable number since I've repaid my debts. About my father, he has recovered – rather miraculously, mind you – from the massive stroke. While it may have been a big risk to take that loan during that time, I have no regrets. The smile of my father's face as I walked through the doors of his hospital and the relief I felt when I saw him alive, was definitely more than worth it.

How to Save Money for What is Important to You

As you can imagine, being an English teacher is not the most glamorous position in the world, nor is it the best paying. Add to this the fact that I am Vietnamese and frequently travel back and forth between the United States and Vietnam and it seems like I am constantly strapped for cash. I am constantly looking for ways to save money in order to be able to continue to do the work that I love as well as stay in close contact with my family.

What Does Saving Money Mean to You?

When you think about saving money, for many people this means spending no money and living on a stringent budget. While this is certainly one way to save money, it also doesn’t allow for much fun! For me, being thrifty is not about depriving myself of things. Instead, it is about getting the best value for my money!

Do Things Yourself to Save!

One thing I have learned is that I am capable of learning how to do just about anything. I don’t mean that I think I can read a book about brain surgery and then perform it, of course. However, there are many things that people hire a professional for that they are capable of doing themselves.

Recently I decided I wanted to make some changes in my home, starting with new paint. I looked into hiring someone to come in and paint for me, but found that the expense was far more than I wanted to spend for something I could easily do myself.

 I did some research about the easiest way to paint interior walls and discovered that purchasing an airless paint sprayer would save both time and money, making it a worthwhile purchase. I looked online for paint sprayer reviews and found this site, which gave me all the information I needed to make an informed decision. Not only was I able to paint my walls for a fraction of the cost, but having the airless paint sprayer enables me to make simple changes whenever I want.

Do Your Research Before Making a Purchase

Being willing to take the time to do the research before making any purchase is perhaps the most important aspect of being a thrifty shopper. While of course the actual cost of an item is important, you also have to look at what you are getting. For example, I have several small pets that shed copiously. My vacuum recently died so I was in the market for a new one.

When I did an online search for the best vacuum for pet hair, I stumbled upon The Vacuum Guy. On this site, not only does he list the different types of vacuums, but also includes the cost and consumer reviews. By reading these, I was able to decide which vacuum was best for my needs, find out whether the initial cost would pay off in the end, and be fairly sure I was getting a bargain.

Simplification is Key

For many people, shopping thriftily is something only poor people “have” to do. However, for me, it is simply a way to be sure I have the money to do the things I love to do. I often purchase my clothing at thrift stores (and for a great article about thrift shopping, read “Rag Time” in The New Yorker), walk to work when I can in order to save bus fair, and eat out rarely.

In addition to saving money for the important things in life like traveling to spend time with my family, learning to be a conscious shopper has helped my simplify my life in many ways. I find that I always have the money I need, because I don’t actually “need” very much!

Missing Vietnamese Bingo

I am accustomed living here in the United States. I am familiar with the food, culture, and place. I know every street and corner; I can walk around the city wearing blindfolded. But sometimes I stop and wonder about home, Vietnam. I could not help but miss the days when I stayed at Vietnam.

Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country that has pride in its rich culture and tradition. They have a rich traditional past that the people had managed to preserve. They practice humanity, harmony, and proper values. They love music, literature and festivals. They have managed to maintain all these as they aspire for greatness and prosperity.

If there is something I really miss from my hometown that would be our games particularly Bai Choi, also known as Vietnamese bingo. It is normal to see a game of Bai Choi played along the streets of Vietnam. It is a fun, thrilling and an exciting game of luck.

The game originated from Thua Thien Hue Province 400 years ago and was played during the Spring Festival. But after some time, people got tired of the game. Luckily, people of Hoi An in Quang Nam Province appreciated and revived the game. Unlike other games, this is a lively festivity with music and laughter. The lyrics of the music send a message of patriotism, affection, human values and opinions on current issues.

The game is quite simple. Even foreigners visiting my hometown could play the game; they have even tried playing the game over and over again. They say the music and laughter of the people makes them attracted to the game.

Let me teach you how it is played.

There are paddles wherein a card is attached. On each card there are three names of chess pieces. There is a total of 30 chess pieces with different names. There are also bamboo sticks; each bamboo stick has a name of the chess piece written.

At the beginning of the game, the players are free to select and buy their card from a banker, locally known as nha cai. A hieu officiates the game by randomly drawing the bamboo sticks. Once the bamboo has been drawn, the hieu will sing a folksong representing the chess piece. If the player has the chess piece that has been drawn, he gets a yellow banner or flag. In order to win the game, a player must collect three flags.
The usual prize for the winner at the end of the game is a lantern, a specialty of their province.

It is hard to find Vietnamese bingo at the United States. Bingo here is different. It consists of a card with a 5 X 5 grid with random numbers on written on the boxes. Each box has its own coordinates. The coordinates with the number are drawn from a fishbowl. If you have the right coordinates and number, you can shade that box. In order to win, a specific pattern must be formed.

There are legitimate online websites wherein I could play bingo (check some here Some of the sites are South Beach Bingo, Bingo Hall, and Bingo for Money. Bingo is also played during fundraisings and church activities. It is one of the efficient ways to earn money.

The cards used in Bai Choi and American bingo are different. Both Bai Choi and bingo are a game of luck. It has the same rules and objectives: the first to complete a set or form a pattern wins. Despite the differences, I am glad that there is something close to what we have back at Vietnam. It makes me feel at home.

The Best Lawnmower Purchase

It’s that time of year again, school is out the sun is shining, the days are getting longer, and travel to places unknown is calling my name. But who is going to take care of the lawn? Let's face it, I would much prefer to spend my time and money on expanding my travel resume but as a homeowner it must be done. It’s time to drag out the hoses, weed killer and fertilizer, and tune up the lawnmower in order to get that yard under control before it’s too late and I can't find the time to get away. So, I went and pulled out the old trusty lawnmower and went to crank it up.  Only to find that old mower of mine was just that, old. The wheels are crooked, the bag attachment is held on with electrical tape and no one needs to worry about mosquitoes around here when the exhaust starts rolling out. Gas mask, anyone?

With great sadness I took to the internet on a mission to find a new mower.  I started out looking for the best lawn mower reviews and stumbled on  Keeping in mind my busy summer travel plans, I wanted to start with a mower that’s easy to use and maintain. Of course, it had to also be affordable. Oh, but how I was drawn to the new flashy Zero Turn riding mowers that would make the neighbors green with envy.  Although I’m sure they would have all gotten a huge laugh at my inept attempts to maneuver such a large machine around my yard.  On to a nice standard mower, the roar of a motor and the smell of fuel in the morning just screams summer. But again, a bit much.  Then I found it, quiet, clean, easy to use, low maintenance, and good for the environment. A reel mower. I could even mow at 5 am and the neighbors wouldn’t complain. 

I had made up my mind. Now I had to find the best reel mower reviews online. I’m not going to just go out and grab the first mower that catches my eye. It’s always important to figure out what fits your needs best first. I’ve determined that a reel mower fits the demands of my life most effectively.  Next, it’s best to do your research and find the item that not only meets your demands, but also fits your budget both in the long term as and short term. Avoid having to make monthly payments or using credit cards to fund your purchase if possible. There is great satisfaction in being able to make a purchase and know there are no strings attached, the savings in interest will be well worth it. Besides I have sights to see,  places to go, new cultures to explore, and I would much rather spend my time and money on that than I would on mowers, gas, blades, and oil. A reel mower does exactly that for my needs. Will it do the same for yours?

A Medical Alert System for My Mother

I always wanted to be a teacher. I was probably the only boy in first-grade who was not fascinated by firefighters, policemen and astronauts. Both my parents were teachers and that had a profound influence on my thinking from an early age. I was always a good student, and my friends were surprised when I took up English after high school. I worked at a local public school for some time before Vietnam beckoned me. I got an opportunity to work with a nonprofit and teach English to underprivileged Vietnamese children. Although many people discouraged me, it was one of the best decisions of my life. The satisfaction I have at the end of the day makes me forget everything. The only concern was my mother’s health and safety.

My mother has always supported me. She was a strong woman until my father passed away a few years ago. The tragedy impacted her health badly. I wanted her to move to an assisted care facility but she was adamant about living in her house. Assisted Care facilities are expensive as well. My mom could not afford it, and I (with my small paycheck) could not support her either.

A friend of mine told me about medical alert systems, his mom had one and they loved it. The system comes with a base station that can be connected to the phone line. There is help button on the base station. Subscribers also get a detachable “help button” that can be worn as a necklace or a bracelet. Your parent can use it when she is away from the base station in another room of the house. In case of an emergency, the senior can press the button and get connected to a monitoring agent within seconds. The agent will assess the situation and procure appropriate help immediately, even if your parent is unable to talk or move.

There are several medical alert system choices in the market today and I did my research using the reviews at this website. I looked at Philips LifeLine and apart from the base station and the detachable “help button,” the company offered check-in service and voice extenders for an additional price. MobileHelp was comparable in terms of price and service. Their detachable “help button” came with a microphone. Other companies such as Medical Guardian and Bay Alarm Medical also offered several cool features including voice extenders, lock boxes, medical monitoring, and mobile alerts.

After extensive research, we decided to go with Life Alert because I found that it was the most reliable medical alert provider in the business. Although the base station has a range of only 150 feet, it works well for my mother who lives in a small house. We signed up for fire, smoke and CO detection as well because my mother has been forgetful with the stove lately. We pay only $50 each month for the coverage. Another attractive feature is professional installation. Life Alert is the only company that offers it. I ordered the system online from Vietnam and it was set up at my mother’s house within no time.

My mother is very happy with the service, and I have the peace of mind knowing she is safe now. Thank you, Life Alert for helping us out.

Life as an English High School Teacher – Vietnamese Style

Many people usually think that teaching English is only done by native speakers of the language. Who else would better teach the language than those who have known it and have spoken it ever since they were young? However, many would now disagree with this. Nowadays, there are many English teachers that are not native English speakers, and some of them actually come from far flung places, including me.


Education and Travels

Being a Vietnamese English high school teacher is no easy feat, especially if you teach in the United States. I have always valued education and I have always wanted to teach what I know to others, and so I took this opportunity to be able to teach as a sign that I really am in the right path. It was not an easy task to teach something I was not brought up to, but it was rewarding as well. Seeing and being able to share to all my students, no matter where they came from, always complete my day.


My life as a teacher is also affected by my life as a sort of commuter. I don’t stay for very long periods of time in the US and travel back to my home country, Vietnam. This is one advice for people who go abroad- to go back to your country if you have the opportunity to do so. It would be a good idea to go back and pick up new things from your country that you can share with others when you back to the States, and vice versa. It’s tiring and tedious at times, but once you go back your worries and tiredness all go away.


Financial Worries

I also believe in investing your money and other properties in the right way, and I especially held on to this belief when I first got to the US. I was not a rich man, and so putting my money where it should be was one of my top priorities in order to survive my new life, and until now I keep this in mind. I tried many methods to keep my financial status stable, including investing in the stock market, putting my savings in a trusted bank, and going online to strategize with binary options trading. At first I had trouble dealing with investments and my binary options trading account and some others, but I eventually got the hang of it; I recommend immigrants to do it as well.


All in all, my life here in the United States had not been easy or simple. There were times that I thought I would not make it, but then perseverance and hard work got the best of me. It’s hard to be in a place you’re not familiar with, and I know that very well. However, I kept in mind that in the long run, my passion and dedication are things that helped and would still help me survive, and I know that many people who are in my situation before will become happier and more fulfilled as I am now, too.